Tren Urbano Maps Present and Future. Mapas del Tren Urbano Presente y Futuro.

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2014 MAP
My San Juan Mass Transit Dream Map (Version 3)
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1. Are you an urban planner or architect?

No, I am merely a citizen interested in correct urban planning and practices who sees potential in mass transit as a way to correct years of lack of planning.

2. Where do you get your ideas from?

Some are original and/or official parts of the Tren Urbano Master Plan others are my own. I simply look at the map and try to connect the busiest corridors.

3. Why a full line to Old San Juan instead of the current Tram?

The proposed current TRAM will not have the future capacity needed to fulfill the transportation needs of the Santurce corridor. I believe that having to change trains and pay and additional fare is cumbersome and represents a waste of time. This kind of vehicle would almost share the right of way with vehicular traffic thus drivers representing a risk for the train. Local drivers are not the most obedient of traffic laws and accidents with the TRAM will be plentiful. A TRAM would be ideal as a passenger distributor in the Old San Juan area.

4. Why aren't there any trains going outside the metro area?

I strongly believe that making it too easy and comfortable for people outside the metro area to get into the metro area would only encourage further urban sprawl. We need to densify the metro area and act on new urban principles to encourage intelligent densification through transit oriented developments, traffic reduction and provide a very reliable and efficient transporation infrastructure inside the metro area. Express busses wold serve the outlying areas and connect them to train lines.

5. Why does the train has low ridership?

There are many reasons to why the train has low ridership.. but in my opinion... I believe the train has more "pick up passenger points" than "destination stations" if the train were extended to serve all of santurce all the way up to Miramar then there would be a big increase in ridership because the train would reach areas that would be "destination stations". In short.. there are more places where people can board.. but not many where people want to actually go. Another reason would be the bus service which we all know is terrible at best. The image of the AMA/Metrobus bus network but go through a big change of perception of the public in order for it to be trusted enough for commuters want to use them.

6. What did you use to make this map?

Adobe Illustrator

7. What do you do for a living?

Social Media & Internet Marketing Consultant & Trainer

8. Can you help me out in my project?

If possible I might offer some help, just contact me via Twitter @joelvillarini or look for my email in the map.

9. Why is this page so ugly?

Don't have time to work on a new one.